Food and feed

Food and feed processing is a matter of trust. The best possible products ensure the success and image of your company on the market. Topics such as sustainability and environmental protection are also becoming increasingly important. Hemp Factory offers state-of-the-art production standards for the processing of raw materials from hemp in organic and conventional quality for the safety of your products. You can choose whether we process your hemp raw materials for you or you order directly from our selection of high quality food and feed products from our own production.


Contract manufacturing

Whole hemp seeds are the raw material for the variety of hemp food and feed products.


Whole Hemp Seeds, Hulled Hemp Seeds, Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed / Food, Hemp Seed Oil Cold Pressed / Technical, Hemp Seed Oil Refinate, Hemp Flour, Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Fibre


In our solar-powered plant, we can process organic and conventional quality. Of course, both production and storage are carefully and reliably separated.

About us

Hemp Factory is a producer of food raw materials in conventional and organic quality for the processing industry.





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